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What Sets Us Apart

GSmile Dental is an Elmhurst-based family dentist who treats patients of all ages. We are committed to delivering the highest quality dental care and do so using state-of-the-art dental equipment. We believe that the key to providing excellent dental services is to provide patients the most beautiful smile and supporting great dental health in a manner that works for them.

Advanced Services

We are a cosmetic dental office that offers services like Invisalign®, veneers, dental implants, restorations, Philips Zoom! Teeth whitening, and more. We also perform emergency services that include root canals, crowns, sedation dentistry, and bridges. As a local dental office, we create lifelong relationships with our patients and their families and work to ensure that they receive treatments in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

You can experince a noise-free, needle-free, drill-free, blood-free, suture-free appointment at our office with Solea. Using laser, your treament can be faster, painless, and anxiety free.

For your convenience we sell products for the well being of your oral health. Some of our products include Waterpik and Sonicare. The Waterpik water flosser is the easy and most effective way to floss. It removes the debris that brushing leaves behind and it is clinically proven to improve oral health. The Sonicare toothbrush uses advanced technology get rid of plaque and give a deep clean to your teeth. It also helps to improve your overall gum heath.

An Outstanding Experience

Our staff understands the importance of listening to patients, helping them to feel comfortable and relaxed. This personal approach is evident in everything we do. From making an appointment, filling out paperwork, conducting an examination, and providing dental treatments, the staff at GSmile Dental takes the time to connect with patients and give them the thoughtful attention they deserve. Our team is trained in state-of-the-art dental procedures and techniques so that patients can benefit from the latest in dental care.

Ensuring Your Comfort

When you walk into our office you will be greeted by our friendly staff who is dedicated to making sure that you feel comfortable during your entire appointment. We understand that you may feel anxious when going to the dentist, and our staff will take the time to listen to all of your concerns and help you understand exactly what your procedure is going to be like.

Affordable Dental Care

At GSmile Dental we pride ourselves on being an affordable family dentist that accepts a variety of insurance plans and payment options like cash and credit cards, because we want to provide a beautiful, healthy smile to everyone.