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Braces for All Ages in Elmhurst

At GSmile Dental, we provide orthodontic services for children and adults. Teeth can be moved and adjusted even if they are fully formed and hardened, which makes it possible for them to be straightened in both children and adults.

Braces can change the overall shape and appearance of a patient’s face. At GSmile Dental, we find that many of our patients are pleasantly surprised by how dramatically different they look once their orthodontic treatment is complete.

If you are considering straightening your teeth, we invite you to call (929) 388-1255 and schedule a consultation to meet with Dr. Dechavez and discuss your goals along with the treatment options that are available to you.

Why Orthodontics is Necessary

Many children suffer from overcrowding issues, creating the need for orthodontics. This can happen as a result of losing teeth before they are ready to come out.

Due to accidents or a lack of oral hygiene, when a baby tooth falls out prematurely, the teeth around it can move into the open space. This can cause the shape of the palate to change, and when the adult tooth is ready to come in, there is no room for it. In the past, many people had their teeth pulled in order to make space for all of their teeth where now, we can create a space using a variety of treatment methods.

When a patient’s jaw is out of place it can be painful to speak, chew, and even open your mouth. When the bite is off, many people find simple daily activities uncomfortable and seek orthodontic treatment, as a result. Orthodontic treatment can be a solution for teeth that have grown in crooked, even with enough space.